Since 2009, Forai has been working with refugee women in St. Louis, fashioning a better life through the creation of jewelry, textiles, and accessories. We are thrilled you would consider joining us in our journey of dignity, empowerment, and hope. We love our retail partners and can also provide a fair, sustainable source of labor for local brands when we produce your jewelry or textile products. Please see our wholesale FAQs to answer many common questions.


1. You can find our complete Jewelry Line on Faire! Through Faire, we offer free returns, Net 60 terms, plus, if you're new, you'll get $200 of credit to use at our shop and free shipping for a year when you use the link below. For those who are already on Faire, still use that link, as it gives us a nice 0% commission rate on orders from you. 

2. You can find our complete Textile Line on Handshake, the Shopify Wholesale Platform. You can view our profile below, and order directly from Handshake. There is a minimum order of $150, payments are instantaneous. 

Are you already a retailer working with us? We'd love to help you get switched over to our newer, simpler wholesale system. Have other questions? Shoot us a message using the contact link below, or email SalesManager@Forai.org

“The Bridge has had the pleasure of carrying jewelry and Tooth Fairy Elephants from Forai for two years. We were first attracted by their mission and the jewelry’s unique style. After two years, we continue to be pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of their work. We have consistently received prompt service, even when ordering last minute! We are especially proud to work with a fellow non-profit that strives to better the lives of women in St. Louis and have enjoyed sharing Forai’s story with our customers.” - Johanna Erdman, Fair Trade Coordinator, The Bridge

“Forai has been an ideal partner. Not only is their mission admirable and their jewelry beautiful, they are delightful to work with!” - Mary Lemkemeier, Founder, The Nook STL