Artisan Profile - Lun

Meet Our Artisans: Lun is a true success story.  As a teenager, she fled a harsh military dictatorship in Burma (Myanmar). As an ethnic and religious minority, staying in Burma meant lifelong poverty and forced labor at the hands of the military.  Lun ended up in Malaysia where she worked 12 hour days in a restaurant until her family was granted refugee status and resettled in St. Louis. Lun learned to sew through Forai over 8 years ago. A quick learner, she is now our best seamstress and makes the majority of our textile products while caring for her 4 small children at home. Lun's husband is a hard worker, but his English is poor, limiting him to factory work. Through Forai, Lun earns enough to significantly supplement her family’s income. In addition to her sewing skills, the English skills she acquired through regular interaction with her Forai mentor put her in a position to fill other roles. In 2018, Lun was hired for the additional role of Sewing Team Assistant where she helps with the logistical and administrative side of textile projects and now teaches some sewing classes. Read more about Chin refugees here.